Editorial Profiles
Please do not post a celebrity profiles unless you are the directly related to the immediate family. Although obituaries are editorial in use and images that are for editorial use may be used, we ask that you let admin post the celebrities. When we do, we purchase the rights for said images and try to the best our abilities, ensure that the information is historically correct, and shown in a positive and respectful manner.


CemeteryOfAngels.com will allow families of loved ones to have a donation button that raises money for the families of lost loved ones, or a registered charity of their choice. Official World Cemetery charges 5 % as an admin fee plus 3% for expenses that we pass on to the user for sending money online to the families. 


If you have a problem concerning an account, how CemeteryofAngels.com and OfficialWorldCemetery works or any other general issue, please email officialworldcemetery@gmail.com. If you are looking to get a campaign for Funeral Donations removed for fraudulent or untrustworthy behavior, report the campaign to our contact email.

If you have an official subpoena or court order to submit to CemeteryofAngels.com for review, please email it to officalworldcemetery@gmail.com.


Users can use the donation function to raise up to $20,000. Single donations from an individual can not exceed $2,000 through Paypal. We are sorry - our website can not accepts donations or campaign request from India. 

Funeral Expenses / Survivor Benefits
Donation Campaigns for a user must be completed within 100 days.


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