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    Bradley Wayne Dunn
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  • Birth Date
    25 Jan, 1955
  • Death date
    22 Mar, 2016
  • Place of Birth
    Ottawa, Canada
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    Dad, i cant help but describe you as one of the funniest man i know. From getting me with the " claw" like jim carrey and tickilling me with your mustach and just making me laugh so much. You were always there for me no matter what. You let me vent to you and yell and cry and never said a word, only when you knew it was time. You've always been my rock, my best friend and i miss and love you so much dad.


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Bradley Wayne Dunn (courier)
25 Jan, 1955 - 22 Mar, 2016



You've always held my hand thru' everything in life dad, and you were there for me throughout all my hard times in high school, from my first heartbreak to being bullied. You were my rock and i wouldnt be the sucessful person i am today


This is a memory i'll never forget. My father is a hard core boston fan , as am I. I love hockey because of him. I always told him id carry on his boston tradition, and I promise I will. I couldn't be more grateful I got to see Boston win the 2011 cup with my father. we were so happy. I love you so much dad and i'll miss watching he Boston games with you.


The last photo I had taken with you dad. Im so sorry. I wish I had taken more... I wish I had more time. We were so optimistic about your recovery that day dad.... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH


My father and his eldest daughter, Priscilla Renaud-Dunn. no matter what priscilla , he loved you deeply and i want you to know this. im praying i can raise enough money to get you here from chicago for his funeral.


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4 years ago

vanessa renaud-dunn

My dad, my best friend, my rock - here's picture of my handsome father when he was young