Remember Me

  • Nick Name
    Left Eye
  • Occupation
    Singer, Actress
  • Birth Date
    16 Jan, 1979
  • Death date
    25 Aug, 2001
  • Place of Birth
    Brooklyn, United States
  • Place of Death
    Marsh Harbour District
  • Education
    School for the Fine and Performing Arts, Detroit
  • Zodic Sign
  • A Few Words To Remember
    Aaliyah was a great singer and starred in movies : Queen of the Damned and Romeo Must Die.


Aaliyah Dana Haughton (Singer, Actress)
16 Jan, 1979 - 25 Aug, 2001


 Aaliyah Dana Haughton died in a plane crash at the age of 22. She was born in Brookly, New York. At an early age of 14, she released a hit on the R&B charts : Age Ain't Nothing But a Number. It was produced by R. Kelly who later became her husband from Aug 31, 1994- Feb 7,1995. The marraige was annulled  because of her age.



Her role in Queen of the Damned was her movie and it was released after her death.


Aaliyah was part of TLC and the youngest Musical Performer at the Oscars in 1998 when she performed Journey to the Past.


Respect, Prayers and Expressions of Love

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