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  • Occupation
    Music Producer / Singer / Manager
  • Birth Date
    16 Jan, 1942
  • Death date
    14 Jan, 2016
  • Place of Birth
    Montreal, Canada
  • Place of Death
    Henderson, Nevada
  • Zodic Sign
  • A Few Words To Remember
    René was a Canadian musical producer, singer and talent manager. He was married to Celine Dion in 1994 to his death.


Rene Angelil (Music Producer / Singer / Manager)
16 Jan, 1942 - 14 Jan, 2016



René Angélil  was a huge NHL hockey fan and enoyed watching many games. He also was an avid gambler and even played in the World Series Poker Tournament of Champions in 2005. He was an icon to many but always kept both his feet on the ground. 

In 1992, at age 51, he suffered a heart attact. Later, in the year 1998, he was diagnosed with cancer (throat). He died Jan 2016 and will be missed by many.


René Angélil  married his first wife in 1966, Denyse Duquette and had a son by the name of Patrick. In 1974, he married Manon Kirouca and had two children, Jean Pierre and Anne Marie. In 1994, René Angélil married Celine Dion. Together, they had twins named Eddy and Nelson.


Respect, Prayers and Expressions of Love

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