Remember Me

  • Nick Name
    King of Pop
  • Occupation
    Singer Songwriter
  • Birth Date
    29 Aug, 1958
  • Death date
    25 Jun, 2009
  • Place of Birth
    Gary, United States
  • Place of Death
    Los Angeles California
  • Zodic Sign


Michael Joseph Jackson (Singer Songwriter)
29 Aug, 1958 - 25 Jun, 2009



Michael Jackson has touched the lives of millions. Raised by Joseph and Katherine Jackson, he and his brothers formed the Jackson 5. By the age of 13, Michael Jackson launched his own solo career.


By 1979, with his album release "Off the Wall", he was impressing listeners and won two Grammy Awards with Don't Stop til You Get Enough, and Rock With You.


His biggest album was Thriller in 1982 which generated 7 Top 10 hits and became the best selling album in history. He is famous for his Moonwalk which he danced to his hit, Billy Jean.


Respect, Prayers and Expressions of Love

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