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  • Nick Name
  • Occupation
    Gangster / Organized Crime
  • Birth Date
    17 Jan, 1899
  • Death date
    25 Jan, 1947
  • Place of Birth
    Brooklyn, United States
  • Place of Death
    Palm Island, Florida
  • Zodic Sign


Al Capone (Gangster / Organized Crime)
17 Jan, 1899 - 25 Jan, 1947



 Scarface a.k.a Al Capone was one of the most notorious gangsters of all time. During his life, he  raised a fortune of approximately $100 million and was the leader of the Chicago mafia.


As a young man, still in school, he was expelled by hitting a teacher at the age of 14. He joined a New York street gang and in a brothel-bar, was slashed across the face with a knife and later nicknamed Scarface.


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