Remember Me

  • Nick Name
    Princess Di
  • Occupation
    Royalty - Princess
  • Birth Date
    01 Jul, 1961
  • Death date
    31 Aug, 1997
  • Place of Birth
    Sandringham, United Kingdom
  • Place of Death
    Paris, France
  • Zodic Sign


Princess Diana Spencer (Royalty - Princess)
01 Jul, 1961 - 31 Aug, 1997



Diana Spencer became Lady Diana Spencer after her father inherited a title. On the 29th of July, she married the British heir to the throne, Prince Charles. Princess Di lost her life in a fatal car crash in August 1997. Her funeral was watched by millions all around the world.


Lady Diana a.k.a. Princess Di was one of the most loved members to the Royal family. She was known for her giving heart and charity work, as well as her help with the homeless.


Princess Di separated from her husband in 1992 and was divorced in 1996. Her life was haunted by paparazzi and a fairly tale gone wrong. She had two sons from her marriage, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis and Prince Henry Charles Albert David (Prince Harry).


She will always be missed


Respect, Prayers and Expressions of Love

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