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  • Nick Name
  • Occupation
    Singer, Actor
  • Birth Date
    08 Jan, 1935
  • Death date
    16 Aug, 1977
  • Place of Birth
    Memphis, United States
  • Place of Death
    Memphis Tennessee
  • Zodic Sign


Elvis Aaron Presley (Singer, Actor)
08 Jan, 1935 - 16 Aug, 1977



The King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley died on August 16th, 1977 at the age of 42. Heart failure was the cause of death, related to his drug addiction. He is an icon in the music industry and still is, one of the biggest names in rock \\\'n\\\' roll.


Elvis Presley was suppose to be a twin, but his brother was stillborn. Presley received his first guitar from his mom on his 11th birthday and that is when the legend was truly born.



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