How to create a Page for your Loved One

Thursday, July 14, 2016


This site will help you create a digital footprint for your loved ones. You can add their date of birth, the date that they passed away, photos and memories but first you need to register.

1. Click the Register link at the top of the site
2. Once you are Registered, then login and look at the Admin page that will help you "Create and Save a Profile"
3. Eighty percent of the world believe in Angels, so we are using this as a way to remember our loved ones, simply click on "Add Angel" 

At this point, you can fill out the information. Questions that are asked are:
Country, and city of Birth
Country and city of Death
Maiden Name if they were married and their name changed
Date of Birth and Date of Death
Your relationship - if you are family, this is important for other relatives can or may find you.
Name and location of Cemetery
Their Bio and of course pictures.

If you have any problems, pls email us at