How to Raise Money for Funeral Expenses

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Most funerals cost an average of $7,000-$10,000. Let help you raise up to $20,000 for your funeral expenses and survivors fund.  (You will need a Paypal account to set up a donation for a loved one - please do this first.)
Step 1. Register
Step 2. Activate the email we send you. Do not see it? Check your SPAM folder.
Step 3. Add you loved one who has passed in the ADMIN   ADD AN ANGEL
Step 4. Add Account - this is where you connect it to your PayPal account
Step 4. Add a DONATION     (You will need an active Paypal account) - All donation applications need to be reviewed. We will email you once your account is approved.
Step 5. Email us at to have your account approved
Step 6. Share your Angels Profile on Facebook and other social media sites. Invite your friends to share our link. The more people that your request reaches, the faster you can reach your goal.
Step 7. Transfer your Paypal funds we send you to your own bank and you can use it to pay funeral related expenses and also for survivors of a lost loved ones to finish projects like school. Transition with this money during this difficult time.

FAQ Paypal charges 3% fee. Official World Cemetery charges 5% fee. You receive 92 % of all donations. This is similar to all real websites that help you raise money for memorials or projects.