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Remembering Our Loved Ones

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Cemetery Of Angels is and always will be here to help you with your grief. You can use our DONATION button to help raise money for your funeral expenses and financial stability after losing a loved one. Many online obituaries disappear after time, we will be here forever as the Official World Cemetery. We are a website that your grandchildren will be able to revisit and remember their loved ones who have passed. Their lives can be memorialized with pictures, videos, and gifts. 

Cemetery of Angels is the Official World Cemetery and is available in every language all around the world. If you can not make it to a funeral, help them create a profile and write your respects on the wall of your Angel. We see our loved ones as Angels, their spirit is now free. Send them Guardian Angels wings to watch over you.

Need help with funeral costs, now has a DONATION button to help the family with the high costs of funerals. We are here to help, share if you have created a new profile of an Angel or you know someone recently that has passed away.